5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Calculus Tutor

a Calculus Tutor

Many students begin struggling in school when they start to get into higher level math courses like calculus. And depending on your major, you may need these course in order to earn your degree. Luckily, struggling through these classes and barely squeaking by with a C does not have to be the norm. You can hire a calculus tutor to help you fill in the gaps in your knowledge so you can thrive in school, rather than just barely get by.

Choosing a Calculus Tutor

As you begin thinking about hiring a calculus tutor many questions will probably come to mind. Will it be too expensive? Will it really help you improve your grades? In order to point you in the right direction, here are five things you should consider before choosing a calculus tutor:

#1. What is their level of experience?

Regardless of whether your tutor is an undergraduate student or a teacher they should have some sort of tutoring experience and qualifications. Be sure that you have a good idea of their background and experience before you commit to hiring anyone.

#2. Do they meet online or in-person?

This mostly comes down to personal preference. In-person tutoring tends to be a little more expensive and less flexible as opposed to online tutoring. If you choose to hire an online tutor you will have a greater selection of people to choose from, it will most likely cost less money, and you can meet with your tutor when it is most convenient for you.

meet online

#3. Do they have any references?

Checking your potential tutor’s references will give you a better sense for their qualifications and history of success. Have they helped other students improve their test scores of raise their grades in class? Do other people find them easy to work with?

#4. Do you think you will work well with them?

Be honest with yourself — do you feel like you mesh well with this person? Do you feel comfortable with them? Obviously you are hiring a tutor and not looking for a new best friend but it will be hard for that person to give you the help you need if the two of you don’t work well together.

A good tutor

#5. Do they have a plan to help you?

A good tutor should provide you with tools so you can eventually learn to be successful in your studies without them. Does your potential tutor evaluate your current strengths and weaknesses? Do they understand what the root cause of your problem is? A lot of thought and planning should go into tutoring and every lesson should have a purpose.

These five questions should serve as guidelines for you going forward. We know how frustrating it is to struggle in calculus and understand the importance of finding the perfect tutor to help you. Fortunately, there are many exceptional tutors just waiting for students like you so don’t let yourself become intimidated by the process of finding one.

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