The Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid as a Calculus Tutor

a Calculus Tutor

As a calculus tutor you are most likely someone with strong skills in math and an ability to work well with other people. But every business comes with its own unique challenges and tutoring is no exception. If you are just starting out there are some common tutoring mistakes that most people make at some point.

Listed below are the top five mistakes to avoid as a calculus tutor:

#1. Believing you have to do it all

Some tutors fall into the trap of thinking they have to be able to offer everything to everyone. If you are a high school calculus tutor then don’t feel like you also have to tutor middle school algebra is that isn’t your strong suit. The truth is, finding your niche and sticking with it makes you more valuable as a tutor, not less. When you spend your time trying to appeal to everyone you often end up attracting no one.

#2. Failing to advertise your services

I know, I know, advertising is a drag and you don’t like spending money on it. But how do you expect to find new students if you don’t advertise your services? At the very least look into building a website and a Facebook page. Both are easy, inexpensive ways to advertise your services.

a Facebook page

#3. Failing to stay organized

When you start a tutoring session with one of your students are you prepared to work with them? Do you have all the necessary materials available and do you have a quiet, distraction free area where you can work?

It’s hard to be an effective tutor if you aren’t organized and prepared for every student. Try never to take on more students than you can handle so you can give everyone you work with your very best.

#4. Failing to implement a teaching method

Your tutoring style may change depending on who you are working with but you should have an idea of how you will teach and how you will go about assessing your student’s strengths and weaknesses. Having a plan in place will give you better results and help you attract more students.

a teaching method

#5. Setting your rate too low

When you are just starting out as a tutor it may seem counterintuitive to charge a higher rate. How will you possibly make any money or find your first few students? We aren’t suggesting you should ask for something unreasonable but undercharging for your services is a big mistake.

When you set your rate too low then you usually have to take on more students than you want or can handle in order to earn enough money. The quality of the work you do with those students most likely will not be as high. When you charge what you are worth you will be excited to work with each student and able to give every student your very best effort.

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