Tips for Effective Calculus Tutoring

a perfect calculus tutor

Was calculus one of your favorite subjects in school? Does an understanding of math just seem to come easily to you? Do you enjoy working with and helping others succeed? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions then you could be a perfect calculus tutor! Being a calculus tutor gives you a chance to get paid to share your resources and knowledge with students who are struggling in school. It is financially rewarding and will give you a greater sense of purpose.

Are you considering tutoring but still on the fence? If so, this article will give you tips on getting started and how to be an effective calculus tutor.

#1. Share your passion for learning

Most students are not going to feel like calculus is going to play a large role in their lives and many will find it boring and useless. If calculus is a source of passion and enjoyment for you one of the best things you can do for your students is to share that passion with them. Math is a subject that has enriched our world in almost every way and you have an opportunity to convey that to your students.

#2. Help your students learn critical thinking skills

Obviously you are there to help your students but the goal of any good tutor should be to teach to teach their students to be able to learn independently and think critically. You can foster critical thinking skills by asking questions that require more thought than just a simple “yes” or “no” response. Encourage them to express their opinions and to dive deeper into their learning. Ask them to explain how they came up with theirs answers and what they could have done differently.

Help your students

#3. Assess their current knowledge

You should have a plan in place for how you will assess every student’s current knowledge. Once you understand this you will have a better idea of what your students need, what areas they need to work on, how they learn best and how you can best serve them as a tutor.

#4. Encourage your students to be creative

Most of your students are likely going to complain that math, and in particular calculus, bores them to tears. After all, if it was a subject they already thrived in they probably wouldn’t need to meet with you.

Just because they find the subject uninteresting doesn’t mean your lessons have to be as well. Find creative ways to spark their interest during lessons and encourage them to express themselves and have fun.

student learning

#5. Request feedback

Find out what your students like or dislike about their lessons. What sections did they struggle with the most? Was there anything you could have explained more clearly or taken more time on?

Feedback is valuable information because it gives you the opportunity to improve as a tutor. When you work hard to be the best tutor you can be you will be able to better serve all your students.

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