What Careers Require You to Use Calculus?


Everyone knows math is an important subject to learn and that we will use it in almost every area of our lives. But what about higher level math subjects like calculus? Is it really necessary for someone to study calculus if they have no plans to pursue a career in a math-related field?

Calculus is important because it teaches you how to find the effects of changing conditions on a system. When you study these you learn how to control the system. Because of this, calculus gives us incredible power to control the material world around us.

Calculus is imperative for engineers, scientists and economists and all of these professionals make a big impact on our daily lives. But what you may not realize is that it could be necessary for your future career as well. So if you are still on the fence as to why you need to take higher level math, here are five careers which involve using calculus:

#1. Biologists

Biologists use calculus to discover the growth rate in a bacterial culture when variable such as the temperature and food source are changed. This kind of research helps increase the growth rate of good bacteria while decreasing the growth rate of harmful bacteria.


#2. Engineers

Space flight engineers use calculus to help them plan their missions. They have to consider both the orbit of the earth and the planet they are targeting. They also have to account for gravitational forces from the sun and the moon. Calculus allows them to take all of these factors into consideration.

#3. Credit card companies

This may seem like a surprising addition to this list. Credit card companies use calculus to help them determine the minimum payments consumers owe on their monthly statements. To do this they have to consider things like the changing interest rates and the changing balance.

#4. Architects

Architects use calculus to figure out how the amount of materials that are needed to construct a building as well as what kind of support structure the building will need.


#5. Animators

Animation does not usually bring thoughts of math to mind but without math animation wouldn’t be possible. It allows the characters to rotate and move and be made larger and smaller.

If you are someone who tends to struggle in math then the thought of taking a higher level math course like calculus may make your cringe. But calculus is an important subject that benefits many different areas of our lives. Professionals in nearly every career use some sort of math and many use calculus as well. The truth is, it is impossible to know what career you will end up pursuing and what skills that career will require.

Professionals use some sort of math

If you are struggling just to get by in calculus it may be time to consider a calculus tutor. Check out our list of qualified calculus tutors today!

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